The Weeping Chef

The Weeping Chef

The Weeping Chef The Weeping Chef The Weeping Chef

Doorstep Deliveries


We're delivering your favorite Smoked Meats right to your door

Choose from portions of meat on it's own

Or a kit with Meat Sauces Salads Pickles etc so you can build your own delicious Wrap or Brioche bun 

The meat is Smoked to order so make sure to let us know in advance what you fancy!!

Smoked Beef Brisket £5 - £8

Our best seller on the market!

We carefully trim and season our brisket, before roasting in our bespoke lump-wood charcoal oven 

this may take as long as 14Hours and gives you the most amazing tender beef! 

warm it gently or eat it as a cold cut it will typically last 7 days in the fridge.

However if you're not going to eat it right away you can freeze for up to 6 months

 (CHEF'S TIP: for a more substantial meal than the delicious wrap, serve with mash potato and lightly steamed green veggies, don't forget to drizzle with the delicious juices from the meat)

Smoked Porchetta £5 - £8

Porchetta is a roast pork recipe as old as time! Originating in central Italy during the iron age (900BC)

Don't worry! ours is freshly made from the best pork we can lay our hands on; be it the whole middle of pork with Loin Belly Tenderloin and Rib meat, or even just the belly we carefully prepare and season with our ancient recipe of herbs and spices and gently roast over sustainable lump-wood charcoal until melt in the mouth deliciousness

(CHEF'S TIP: Try it with Grilled Peppers & Courgettes for an extra tasty meal with some of your 5 a day)

Smoked Half Chicken £10 +£3 per kit

Rubbed or marinated with herbs and a touch of smoked paprika we truly believe that less is more! 

So often you'll find chicken offerings marinated in strong spices etc, we don't like it! 

The truth is that if the Chicken is of great quality you don't need much, just a touch to enhance it

Smoked on the bone, gently so to not overpower it's delicious taste 1 half Chicken is enough for two decent portions of meat

(CHEF'S TIP: Heat it on the bone skin side up on the middle shelf with the oven on fan assisted grill setting you should be able to get the skin crisped up a bit without drying the meat

Burgers or Cheeseburgers £8 - £9

We are pleased to tell you  we've got burgers back on the menu!! 

100% pure minced beef and a touch of our secret seasoning are the only ingredients in these bad boys! we then cook them to juicy perfection in the Bain-Marie so all you have to do is give them a sear each side and gently warm through while the cheese melts

(CHEF'S TIP: Ask for a Cheesy Coo Kit! you get Emmental Mozzarella, Cheddar Roast Walnuts Maple Onion relish Lettuce and Tomato OR Tell us what you want: Choice of Cheese Lettuce Tomato Gherkin Jalapeño Ketchup Mayo BBQ Sriracha and Crispy onions)

Weekly Specials or Special Requests POA

We will do our best to offer weekly specials (like Lamb for Easter) 


If you would like a special order that’s no problem! Ask and you shall receive

NOTE: Don't forget to tell us about any dietary requirements you may have 

Order now for the next upcoming drop-off

Tell us who you are and what you'd like delivered

We are happy to deliver to AL and SG postcodes

We are trying to be considerate by not charging delivery for towns  where several decent size orders have been received, in order to help us keep this up please get friends and neighbours involved!

The Weeping Chef

Market Place, St. Albans, St Albans, AL3 5DG, United Kingdom

+44 07871 205867

Dining Made Easy


The Chef

The weeping chef, Alec Tomasso, appeared on Masterchef in 2012. Prior to this, he was a building engineering manager with a passion for cooking. However, being on the show made him realise that cooking for and feeding people meant more to him than he could of imagined. 

He has since met and cooked for many people and has given up his day-job to pursue a career in catering, he is now in his fourth year. 

He has built a mobile kitchen that is just as well equipped as any pro kitchen, from here he is able to produce a wide range of beautiful and delicious dishes, from BBQ’s to three course meals and tasting menus. 

He also provides a private chef service, in the comfort of your own homes. Whether you want to see the dishes demonstrated or just be served, is up to you. 

food specialities

Street Food

Using farm-fresh cuts of meat and home-made marinades, we deliver authentic BBQ food whilst you relax and enjoy your time with your family and friends.